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Communication is one of the most widely used word and carries the meaning of exchange of
information. In order to take an exchange of information there must be two sites, one is where
generation of information (collection of news) occurs while in other generated information is absorbed.
It means like in simple conversation there must be speaker and listener .In broad sense they are called
source and receiver.Thus, communication is mutual relationship between source and receiver where
exchange of information (news) takes place.
It must be clear that audio signal(i.e. sound) exchange is not only the information communicated. It
may also be video signal, some physical expression,coded symbols and activities. Only the desired thing
is that receiver must understand what the source want to transmit. Effectiveness of communication
depends upon ways and systems used in communication.
Communication System:
During communication, there is not only the presence of source and receiver but their presence is
utmost. There are many other factors and components contributing their rolein communication .And
systems comprising these all components along with source and receiver is known as communication
system. Suppose a Radio Jockey is conducting a program in a FM radio station then of course without doing anything we can listen it in our radio set. And note that we are listener (Destination) not the
radio. Hence RJ takes the help from FM radio-transmitter while we take the help of radio receiver for
the exchange of information though in this case it is unidirectional.

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