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Electronics is a branch of physics,engineering and technology which deals with the
mechanics of electrons,specifically dynamics of electrons.Since,the electron is a quantum
object,the detailed study of electronics requires the proper understanding of quantum
Today we can see many electronic gadgets around us.The watch in
our hand,mobile set in our pocket,calculator in our table or bag,television set ,computer
set,radio set,music system etc in our home are all the electronic systems without which our
life is almost incomplete and boring.In our day to day life we use e-mail,internet.Most often
we spend our time in net surfing from where we can get informations and many more.The
world is getting smaller day by day due to the communication techniques implemented by
using electronic systems.In all of these applications the electronic instruments are the main
In the past the main electronic components were vacuum diode.Devices like
triode,tetrode,pentode etc were derived from vacuum diode.Basically these devices
operated using the principle of thermionic emission.Generally two metal plates were used
one as cathode and another as anode. When sufficient heat is given to the cathode the
electrons are emitted towards the anode. This phenomenon of emission of electrons is
known as thermionic emission.Generally this construction was enveloped using glass
tube.Thus,it is known as vacuum tube. Due to the shortcomings of these devices to use large
amount of heat and voltage makes them unfit in many practical electronic
applications.Hence,people started to search alternative to them and eventually found
semiconductor diode along with transistor to replace them.It was on the year 1948 the
transistor was invented which begin the new era in the field of electronics
engineering.These semiconductor devices occupied almost all area of electronics and till
now they are giving warmth feeling of their presence.

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